InnJoo 4
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The first deca-core,
fast computing speed.

Innovation is the spirit of smartphone renovation. This time, we define InnJoo 4 with MediaTek Helio X20, the first tri-cluster CPU architecture deca-core processor in the world. And to everyone’s surprise, X20 with up to 2.3GHz performs unmatched computing capability and power efficiency, carrying advanced enhancement in camera, display, gaming and sound effect that definitely revolutionize your impression on mobile phone. Unmatched speed to choose the fastest processor from all!

PDAF camera, fast focusing speed.

InnJoo 4 shoots with a 16MP rear camera with Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF), a professional focusing technology producing quality images usually embedded in DC. What’s more, matching with Sony IMX258 chipset, InnJoo 4 realizes rapid focus in only 0.2s and capable of capturing sensational photos. Record at an instant, beautiful world, happy moments, and delicious food, all in your hand! Now capture even the minutest detail without any trouble!

4GB RAM, fast running speed.

As a new flagship generation leader, InnJoo 4 runs in blazing-fast performance and multitasking with stunning 4GB RAM, boosting the operating speed to a new level. While with the promoted system and embracing ultra large storage of 64GB ROM, plenty of APPs installation are permitted, let alone up to 128GB Micro SD card (TF Card) either adapted. Enjoy multitasking and heavy gaming programs without any lags!

3400mAh battery,
fast charging speed.

No-directional USB Type-C has been the expecting charger for flagship smartphone. InnJoo 4 holds hand MTK Pump Express of 9V/2A jaw-dropping charging speed under the 3400mAh large li-Polymer battery. It gets full power in just 1.1 hours while talks for 15 hours and 220 hours standby. Normally charged even after long time vacancy! Charging simplified to meet user needs!

FHD bright screen, true to life.

With 5.5-inch 1920*1080 full high definition(FHD) and 401PPI screen, InnJoo 4 processes colorful details and delivers vibrant cinema effect when enjoy your favorite movies. High fidelity and IPS technology make it look like you are there. While the MiraVisionTM engine installed helpfully enhances and tailors picture quality based on your needs. Crisp and true colors to delight your eyes!

Your fingerprint, always unique.

There is only one exclusive “my fingerprint” in the world, so make it the key to unlock your phone is the best way to work on safety issue for now. Rounded square touchpad design, surface ceramic process and more than 1 million times press shape a tenacious InnJoo 4 fingerprint unlock. Less than 0.35s, EH310 chip opens the door to your wonderful world! No more security breaches!

Arched line, Elegant freshness.

Avoid aesthetic fatigue of plain design; elegantly arched shape for top and bottom edges of InnJoo 4 emanates a feeling of freshness. Meanwhile, brand new idea of removing the front physical button undoubtedly endues it with a succinct image and largely averts press by mistake.

Turbo download, fly faster.

Besides extraordinarily fast 4G CAT-6 network available for the InnJoo 4, Turbo Download equipped adds some charm for the amazing smartphone. Turn on the option, download large files (over 20MB) using 3G/4G network and Wi-Fi at the same time in double speed. Rejoice the super-fast experience of download!