32-inch TV with stunning display and stereo sound

Stunning 32-inch HD superb picture quality

With 16:9 aspect ratio, 1366*768 high definition, the board 32-inch HD display delivers superior picture quality and excellent visual experience. The board delivers colors which are amazingly vivid, true to life and engaging. Your room will surely be more bright and splendid with it.

High brightness with LED back lights

LED back lights are adequately used to present images better and brighter. Color tones are so even, and colors are expressed so naturally. Even and uniform distribution of light makes everything look clear and natural.

IPS technology Multi-angle, wide showing

T322 displays wider while better. With 170° horizontal and 160° vertical view angles, you could enjoy the stunning display no matter where you are, what you do in the room. Lie on the bed, sit on the sofa, or do cleaning here and there.

Dual channels
Create your own home theater

Within the delicate TV body, two stereo sound boxes are built-in to deliver remarkable 3D stereo surrounded sound.Immerse yourself in the TV world freely,enjoy your own home theater.

Multiple interfaces, easy connection

HDMI high definition interface, USB2.0 interface, AV in, earphone, as well as VGA, and PC audio-in interfaces for you to connect all kinds of external devices. Such as sound box, game console and other audio video equipment. Have your fling and be an audiophile!and there.